Combining early years coaching for parents and other caregivers with services designed to meet families’ basic needs.

Babies and toddlers are shaped by their experiences – and those experiences are shaped by their caregivers. Caregivers are crucial for a strong start in the first years of life.

Studies show that warm, stimulating and responsive caregiving is one of the best predictors that children will do well in school, and go on to become happy and healthy adults. When parents and other caregivers talk, sing, read and play with their babies, they help build a healthy brain that’s wired to learn and interact with others.

Photo: Courtesy of Dhiraj Singh

In order to do this, parents need the support of communities, governments and the broader society. Quality services thought around families, such as health and childcare, social protection and family-friendly city planning, are some of the ways to materialise this support. This is particularly true for families experiencing poverty, insecurity, conflict, displacement, pollution, among other adversities that can negatively affect parents’ ability to provide a positive, stable and responsive environment to their babies.

Parents+ combines early years coaching for parents and other caregivers with services designed to meet caregivers’ basic needs.

Considering the wellbeing of caregivers in coaching programmes makes all the difference. Parenting can be tough and stressful. Parental coaching and support services can help parents navigate life’s uneven waters—such as work stress, mental health problems or financial worries. Services, such as high-quality childcare, assistance with housing or counselling, can equip parents with support and confidence so they can ensure their children thrive.

Photo: Courtesy of Ministério da Cidadania


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