Find out more about what we’ve achieved and learned through our work in various parts of the world.

Urban95 Challenge brings new ideas to improve cities for young children

In 2016 we launched the Urban95 Challenge – a call for ideas for practical, small-scale projects to improve urban livability for babies, toddlers and the people who care for them. Read more

Dart course for journalists spearheads media outreach

Dart course for journalists spearheads media outreach - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Representing a range of local and national print, online, radio and television media, 45 journalists from 26 countries gathered at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York City… Read more

Copenhagen study tour inspires new play spaces in Tel Aviv

During 2018, Yoav Ben-Yehuda, the Director of Parks and Gardens for Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, led the installation of 150 new play facilities for young children across the city – including… Read more

Helping municipalities to deliver joined-up services

The Netherlands has decentralised responsibility for social services from national to municipal governments. The Promising Start Action Programme, part of a broader government effort – called the Programme Social Domain… Read more

The children’s priority zone debuts in Bogotá

In 2017, we launched a new Urban95 partnership with Bogotá and Bloomberg Associates. Out of this collaboration came the concept of a ‘children’s priority zone’ – an idea that is… Read more

The first of many smart and child friendly cities in India

When India’s “smart cities” mission announced its ranking of applicants for support in 2016, Bhubaneswar – the capital of the Indian state of Odisha – topped the list. Having worked with… Read more

Data mapping informs home visits in Istanbul

Four municipalities in Istanbul – Beyoğlu, Maltepe, Sarıyer and Sultanbeyli – began home visiting services in 2018, targeting their resources according to maps of all the city’s municipalities that were… Read more

Pilot for Syrian refugees wins US$100m grant

Pilot for Syrian refugees wins US$100m grant - Bernard van Leer Foundation

In 2017, the MacArthur Foundation awarded a USD 100 million grant to Sesame Workshop and the IRC for joint work in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. This created an exciting… Read more

Convenings bring new ideas on Urban95 and Parents+

Convenings bring new ideas on Urban95 and Parents+ - Bernard van Leer Foundation

In 2017 and 2018, we held “convenings” on our investment areas Urban95 and Parents+, bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders from the early childhood field and beyond with a… Read more

Peer Cities Network spreads innovations in Israel

Our partners the Urban Clinic at Hebrew University established the Peer Cities Network to enable Urban95 solutions to scale across Israel by providing a space for cities to exchange experiences… Read more