The Need to Double Down

Published November 15, 2018 – by Elvira Thissen & Michael Feigelson

‘Sesame Seeds was created to restore hope for a generation of children growing up amid violent conflict. The program’s selection as the $100 million recipient of 100&Change also offers an opportunity to place the needs of the youngest refugees on the humanitarian map everywhere. However, this will happen only if the grant can motivate old and new donors alike to invest more. This is not a given. In fact, the opposite could happen. Additional philanthropic investment can make a meaningful difference, but it means that now—more than ever—foundations need to step up, dream big, and take risks.’

Read Michael Feigelson and Elvira Thissen’s contribution to the ‘Finding, Funding, and Scaling’ winter supplement of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, about The MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change process and its effect on Sesame Street, the IRC, and funders supporting young children affected by the Syrian war and other crises around the world.