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Addressing the Alliance for Childhood at the European Parliament

Published March 8, 2012

At Bernard van Leer Foundation we believe that young children are everybody’s business. To achieve change for children we focus on opportunities that show the greatest potential for impact. Today… Read more

Getting acquanted with groups working on Roma minority rights in South Belfast

Published February 27, 2012

As part of getting acquainted with the field of Roma children’s environments, in my new position at BvLF, I visited Belfast on 17 February. My very full and extremely rich… Read more

Tanzanian Diary - The Responsibility to Grow

Published February 22, 2012

Kicking off the first ever conference for young kids in Tanzania on Monday night the Honourable Sofia Minyambi Simba, Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children stood up in the… Read more

Tanzanian Diary - Violence Against Children

Published February 18, 2012

All Hands on Deck! This was the cry from the government ministries working together to reduce violence in children’s lives. And for good reason. Tanzania is one of only two… Read more

Influencing politicians to focus on young children

Published January 21, 2012

Ollanta Humala's election July 2011 as the new president of Peru represents the latest step forward in a BvLF-backed campaign to improve opportunities for Peru's youngest citizens. Over the last… Read more

Is it a kite, is it a toy, is it a compass…

Published January 14, 2012

Is it a kite, is it a toy, is it a compass… It’s the new logo of the Bernard van Leer Foundation. During the course of 2011 the Bernard van… Read more

Village of San Andres, Iquitos, Peru

Published January 7, 2012

Nysha who lives in the village of San Andres frequently takes her bait and tackle and goes fishing next to the river. It is dangerous work since the riverfront is… Read more

Strengthening BvLF’s partnership with the Voices of Africa Media Foundation (VOAMF)

Published January 6, 2012

Strengthening BvLF’s partnership with the Voices of Africa Media Foundation (VOAMF). A workshop at BvLF on 17 June brought together three young journalists from Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania escorted by… Read more

Encouraging the Media to take young children seriously

Published July 27, 2011

Lessons for the BvLF from the Global Media Forum (BONN, June 2011). Highlights of this report: Young children were everywhere at the recently concluded World Global Forum in Bonn (20-22… Read more

From Cascais with blog

Published May 26, 2011

In a beautiful venue with a view to the Atlantic Ocean, the first pre-conference session of the EFC meeting turned out to be a good way to get into the… Read more