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MESHI: The first-ever textbook for edu-carers in Israel helps position them in their rightful place

Published April 19, 2023

With the mission to promote edu-carers and the field as a critical profession, the Israeli Institute for Early Childhood Education at Oranim College has been driving early childhood education for… Read more

Finding the time to play outdoors

Published September 5, 2022

The evidence is clear: outdoor play supports children’s socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development, especially during the first 1,000 days. It establishes positive habits that can prevent obesity later in childhood. Read more

Advancing early childhood with the launch of Paalan 1000

Published August 30, 2022

On 16 August 2022, torrential downpours failed to deter a passionate group of people from the central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), state health missions from nearly 20… Read more

A good start for all children requires whole-system collaboration

Published August 22, 2022

Cecilia Vaca Jones shares her reflections on how philanthropy and government can learn from each other and work together. Read more

Online learning exchange “Starting Strong”: Latest scientific insights on why and how we should invest in the early years

Published August 18, 2022

Why is investing in the early years – and especially the first 1,000 days – so important? It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Professor Tessa Roseboom into our… Read more

Why clean air is vital for babies and toddlers, and society as a whole

Published October 18, 2021

If you could experience your city from an elevation of 95 cm – the average height of a three-year-old – what would you change? This is an important mental exercise… Read more

The critical link between early childhood development and a parent's mental health

Published October 10, 2021

The mental health of mothers, fathers and other caregivers is critical for a child's development, especially in the earliest years. From birth to age 3, the brain develops more rapidly… Read more

Discover my world by bike

Published August 9, 2021

I have been a cycling activist for eight years. For the last three of those years I have also been a mother, and enjoyed riding a bike with my daughter… Read more

10 design elements help women to make informed breastfeeding decisions

Published April 30, 2021

The World Health Organization advises mothers to exclusively breastfeed their newborn babies for at least 6 months. In the Netherlands, a recent assessment of breastfeeding practices showed that 69% of… Read more

Happy Child Programme is well perceived in Brazil, despite COVID-19 pandemic

Published February 9, 2021

Despite the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Happy Child Programme (Criança Feliz) is positively perceived by Brazilian caregivers, who continue to be supported by the initiative via visits… Read more